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Contraindications to Massage

Massage will not take place in the following conditions:

In cases of diminished sensation (i.e. under the influence of alcohol or drugs)

You have a fever or infectious disease

You are affected by diarrhoea or vomiting

You are within the first three months of pregnancy

You have a thrombosis

You are advised to seek medical advice if you have any of the following

Pins and needles or numbness between the legs

Undiagnosed lumps or swellings

Changes in bladder or bowel functions

Any unusual bleeding

Changes in appearance of moles

Calf pain, particularly after a long journey

A doctor’s written permission is required before the massage can take place if:

You are taking anti-coagulants

You are undergoing investigative medical tests

You are taking any medically prescribed medication

You have a history of recent cancer

You have epilepsy

You have diabetes

You have osteoporosis

You have Parkinsons Disease

You have Multiple Sclerosis

You have a cardio-vascular condition, i.e. hypertension, hypotension, heart failure, angina.

You have had a stroke

You have a serious respiratory condition

You have kidney disease

You have bilateral oedema

If you have a condition that requires your doctor's permission I am happy to email letters that can be printed and presented to your doctor that express the medical concern.

Common Sense

Obviously there will be some occasions when massage isn’t appropriate. You may go down with a cold, or you may have sustained an acute injury, or may be experiencing a flare up of arthritis that would be painful to massage. In such instances, let me know and I will do my best to reschedule your session.