The CNHC: who they are & why they matter.

If you’ve had a browse of my website you may have noticed that I mention that I am registered with the CNHC, but what does that mean exactly? It stands for Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council and it is an independent UK register of complementary healthcare practitioners. Its purpose is to protect the general public: […]

Warm bamboo massage anyone?

Warm bamboo massage. Have you tried it yet? What is it exactly? A relaxing type of full body massage in which the massage strokes are applied with pre-warmed bamboo sticks. Umm, okay. Why? Well your muscles become more pliable when they are warm. The direct heat applied through the bamboo sticks helps your muscles to […]

Which massage should I choose?

Which massage should I choose? I offer several different types of massage at my practice and have written this post to help you decide which of these would be most beneficial to you.  Hope it helps. Swedish Massage A great treatment for anyone new to massage who wants a taste of what it’s like, but […]

Stress Series Part 2: The Dangers of Chronic Stress

As we saw in Part 1: What is Stress Exactly? stress is your body’s reaction to a perceived threat. What we regard as threatening is very personal. Something very stressful for me may not even register on your stress radar. Once the stressor is gone, we should be able to return to a state of […]

Cancer and Massage: The Need for Less Pressure

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash Oncology massage is typically light in pressure.  This can be really frustrating to cancer patients who crave the firmer pressures of Swedish massage, or even deep tissue massage. We know now that skilled massage doesn’t cause cancer to spread, so why the gentle approach?   I understand the frustration, but […]

Stress Series Part 1: What is stress exactly?

Stress. We’ve all experienced it. It can range in severity from the mild to the debilitating. It can be constant or appear in sudden bouts. It affects us in so many different ways and there are so many different approaches to managing it. Sometimes it can be good for us. But what is stress exactly? […]

Does massage spread cancer?

  This post follows on from my previous one, entitled “Can I still get a massage if I have cancer?” It’s worth reading that one too if you haven’t already. In the last post I highlighted that there is no need to deny massage to people with a history of cancer provided that the treatment […]