The CNHC: who they are & why they matter.

If you’ve had a browse of my website you may have noticed that I mention that I am registered with the CNHC, but what does that mean exactly?

It stands for Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council and it is an independent UK register of complementary healthcare practitioners. Its purpose is to protect the general public:

“Protection of the public is our sole purpose.”

To feature on its register, you have to meet its high standards, have obtained professional training, have insurance to practise, and agree to abide by its Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance. Registration is voluntary and to stay registered you also have to meet its yearly requirements for continuing professional development. This ensures that your skills and knowledge stay up to date.

If your therapist is listed on the CNHC register then you can be assured that they operate to a high professional standard. It isn’t just for massage though. At present the CNHC registers practitioners from 16 different professions, including things like Alexander Technique, hypnotherapy, and sports therapy. The register is well worth a browse.

“We hold a UK register of complementary health practitioners who have met UK standards. CNHC registrants work in private practice, the NHS and a wide range of other health and care settings.”




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