Which massage should I choose?

Which massage should I choose?

I offer several different types of massage at my practice and have written this post to help you decide which of these would be most beneficial to you.  Hope it helps.

Swedish Massage

A great treatment for anyone new to massage who wants a taste of what it’s like, but also a very popular treatment that promotes good health, relaxation, and general well-being.  Swedish massage has a role to play in pain relief, stress management, and in keeping joints and muscles mobile.  For a more detailed look at the benefits of Swedish massage, see my previous post.  For this treatment you are required to undress, but drapes are provided to keep you covered and warm.  Oil is applied and a variety of strokes are used to stretch and stimulate the muscles.  Swedish massage works on more superficial muscles and should not cause any discomfort.  Strokes can be both relaxing and stimulating.  It is a powerful modality and should leave you feeling pampered and re-energised.

Thai Foot Massage

Practised in Thailand for thousands of years, this indulgent foot and lower leg massage is rooted in ancient Eastern medical thought.  Unlike a Swedish foot massage, it incorporates Thai reflexology, administered through a Rosewood foot stick, and much of its focus is on Sen Lines, which in traditional teachings are invisible channels of energy found all over the body.    A little more vigorous than a Swedish foot massage with greater focus on join mobilisation. If you have tired or neglected feet this is a real treat. It’s also a good choice if you don’t like the idea of undressing because you can get away with just rolling up loose trouser legs.

Natural Facelift

This treatment focuses on the face, neck and scalp and is primarily used to reduce the signs of ageing in a non invasive, soothing and relaxing manner.  The treatment combines massage strokes,  acupressure, and facial reflexology  to relax tense muscles and promote suppleness.  A natural alternative to procedures such as botox or surgery, the benefits are cummulative, so will be more apparent with repeat treatments.  This is definitely one to consider if you want  to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, or simply to unwind as having the tension soothed from your face is surprisingly relaxing.  Access to your neck and shoulders are required for this treatment so you will need to undress, but drapes are provided to keep you covered and warm.

Sports Massage

This treatment is usually focused on the back and shoulders or the legs and it addresses those sore, tight spots that we all get from time to time. It’s not just for athletes. If you have painful knots or tight muscles then this treatment may be able to address them. It starts with a postural assessment (so bring some sports shorts to stand in) and then I get to work on any sites of tissue dysfunction, targeting trigger points and helping to release tight muscle. You will be required to undress for this treatment but drapes are provided to keep you covered and warm.

Warm Bamboo Massage

This is a full body massage applied by warm bamboo sticks that glide over your muscles while the warmth encourages tight spots to release.  This is a much deeper massage than in Swedish, so if you prefer a little more pressure this may be the one for you.    It is particularly good for those stiff leg muscles and is a popular choice in colder months. As this is a full body treatment you will be required to undress but drapes are provided to keep you covered and warm.

Oncology Massage

This massage is appropriate for anyone with a hisory of cancer. It provides much needed relaxation to help reduce the sress and anxiety that accompany cancer. Whilst other massage types are usually off-limits to cancer sufferers, oncology massage takes into account the very specific needs of someone either undergoing cancer treatment or recovering post treatment. The pressure, positioning, timing, and more, all take into account the individual treatment history and any possible risks resulting from lymph node removal. If you have cancer and crave some relaxation then this treatment is tailored just for you. You will need to inform your GP that you intend to receive massage with an oncology massage therapist before booking. Depending on the area worked on, you may need to undress, but drapes will be provided to keep you covered and warm. If you are curious abou this kind of massage, I have written other posts about it here, here and here.


Quick Decision Maker

  1. I just want to relax/treat myself 👉Naural Facelift or Swedish Massage
  2. I love a good foot massage 👉 Thai Foot Massage
  3. I like a firmer pressure 👉 Warm Bamboo Massage
  4. I have/have had cancer 👉 Oncology Massage
  5. I have tight spots I need worked on 👉 Sports Massage
  6. I like having my scalp massaged 👉 Natural Facelift


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