Dos and Don’ts of Getting a Massage

The Dos and Don'ts of getting a massage

A few tips for a flawless massage experience.

  1. Do fill in your consultation form as completely as possible.  Do mention all known health complaints and note down any injuries, including the ones that happened years ago.  This will really help the therapist understand what’s going on with your body and will guide how they perform your massage.  Note down any medication you are taking too for the therapist’s records.  Let them know what you’re taking it for and if you are suffering any side-effects.
  2. Do mention any allergies, particulalry nut allergies as nut products are found in some massage oils.
  3. Do speak out if something is painful or uncomfortable. Don’t just take the pain.  The therapist relies on feedback to know whether something is causing discomfort.  If it’s too much pressure say so.  The therapist will adjust.
  4. Don’t turn up for a face massage wearing make-up  if possible.  This just helps save time cleansing before the treatment.
  5. Don’t wear jewellery or a watch.
  6. Do speak out if you want the therapist to avoid an area.  In full body massages, for example, the feet, abdomen, and face are treated, but not everyone is comfortable having these areas massaged.  Let the therapist know.
  7. Do wear loose-fitting clothes if you aren’t required to undress for a treatment.  Some modalities, such as Tui Na, Thai Massage, or Chair Massage, are carried out on fully-clothed clients, but it’s best to wear clothes that let you move freely.
  8. Do bring a hairbrush if you are having a head massage.  This is to salvage your hair afterwards.
  9. Do have a clear idea of what you want the massage to achieve and tell the therapist.  It might be pain relief, stress relief, better sleep, or simply some scheduled ‘me time’.
  10. Do try and make that energised feeling after your massage last.  Don’t see it as an opportunity to go home and mow the lawn.  All that tightness has just been eased off, just enjoy it.

Post Author: Tash_87